Our Approach

Getting Ready for learning

All classes begin each year with a two-week program on establishing a positive learning culture with consistent expectations across the school. The Getting Ready for Learning program focusses on developing shared values, attitudes, skills and community goals that will prepare the class and school for success. All learning activities are designed to develop the theme. Home-School links are an integral part of this process which is continually reinforced and revisited.

Teaching and learning

All teachers use the Australian Curriculum to plan, teach, assess and report in:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)- Geography, History, Civics and Citizenship Years 3-6, Economics and Business Years 5-6
  • The Arts- Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Media Arts
  • Technologies- Digital Technologies, Design and Technologies
  • Health and Physical Education (PE)

We currently have specialist teachers in Spanish, The Arts and Physical Education.

Ensure teaching methodologies incorporate the most recent evidence and understandings about learning and teaching that maximize student engagement and achievement.

Positive Behaviours for Learning

Darlington Primary is a Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) pilot school. PBL brings together the whole school community to ensure a positive, safe and supportive learning culture. The framework assists to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people. It explicitly teaches behaviour expectations and gives students the skills and practise to meet these.

Student Support

DfE offers support services to eligible students with special needs. These include speech pathology, hearing support, psychological assessment and behavior management.